Ottawa radio station baby contest

Ottawa radio station baby contest
Ottawa radio station baby contest. Win a baby, for real, on the radio. A new contest at radio Hot 89.9 called “Win a Baby” is drawing both applause and condemnation.

The radio contest, announced yesterday, offers people a chance to win up to three fertility treatments at a local clinic, valued at $35,000. Entrants are required to write a letter to the station explaining why they need the treatment.
To qualify for the top five though, the women need to submit a reference form from a family doctor and will have to undergo a mandatory consultation with fertility specialists.

Most Facebook and Twitter comments praised the contest, but some felt it went too far.

“I think we're crossing some morality lines with this contest ... imagine telling your child, you were a prize from a radio station because we had problems conceiving,” wrote Casey Schofield on the station’s Facebook page.

“When one in six couples have trouble conceiving — that’s a huge percentage,” said Hot 89.9 co-host Jeff Mauler. “If we help out those families or individuals who are looking to do this then I think those people who are against it should see the bigger picture and realize that we’re actually trying to help somebody who couldn’t do this otherwise.”