Pablo Escobar excursions offered

Pablo Escobar excursions offered, Pablo Escobar Excursions Offered, A tourism company in Colombia has launched a controversial new Pablo Escobar-themed tour of the city’s famous drug lord circled terror in the 1980s.

The operator, viewing trips to Colombia, has named the tour, around the northwest of Medellin? N, the “Pablo Escobar’s History Tour,” saying he wants to “recognize the past, not to hide from him.”
The four-hour trip costs from £ 25 and takes visitors on Escobar’s former home to the cemetery where he is buried. It even includes a meeting with his brother, Roberto, where you can “ask any question you like, posing for photos and get signed photos.”

Some saw the visit as a step back to a city that has been trying to get rid of their constant association with Escobar. Medell? N is the brightest star in the transformation of Colombia not to go to the aspirational target zone. Just over two decades ago, was known as the murder capital of the world, now has boutique hotels such as Hotel of New Art and is being tipped as a retreat for wealthy Americans.

Colombia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mauricio Rodr? Guez M? Nera, vehemently opposes the idea of ??travel in the name of Escobar. “I think it is very negative and counterproductive. I hope not soon,” he told The Guardian.

However, the failure seems unlikely, given the huge interest in a man who, through cocaine trafficking and murderous cruelty, became the seventh richest person in the world before being shot dead by police Medellin rooftop? N in 1993. It is not uncommon to see backpackers facing the country, with a copy of Killing Pablo, the biography of 2001 by Mark Bowden, in his hand.

Rodr? Guez adds that he has a problem with the story of Escobar said, but he is against what is mystified. “I do not think there should be museums or visits or anything like what he was going to be a legend,” he says.

See Colombia Tourism, which was established in the 2000s and offers a variety of tours throughout the county, says he took the decision lightly and its main purpose is to show the amount of security in the city has changed. All proceeds will be donated to a charity that supports research on AIDS and HIV, although one name Escobar.

Company spokesman said Pastor JL: “I have asked why we are glorifying Escobar, but we believe it is the most repellent of the history of Latin America Even his brother is not at all apologetic This is a bold move, but it is .. not an opportunity to take photos with a machine gun, Scarface-style. ”

International Tourist Arrivals to Colombia increased by 16% in the first half of this year. The UK market showed the greatest increase, jumping 40%.