PETA's shark attack ad sparks controversy

PETA's shark attack ad sparks controversy. PETA 'Payback Is Hell' ad aimed at Florida shark attack victim causing feeding frenzy of outrage. Enjoy looking at PETA ads that show lots of skin from sexy celebs?

Here's one that shows some flesh - just not in the way you would think.

A planned advertisement from the animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that implies a shark-attack victim deserved his injuries has had the effect of chum in the water for the group's critics.

The proposed billboard features a great white shark biting into a severed human leg, with the jarring slogan, "PAYBACK IS HELL. GO VEGAN."

But there is a catch: PETA hasn't found a home for the ad. It is trying to put the advertisement up on Anna Maria Island in Florida, where a local man was mauled by a bull shark while spear-fishing Saturday.

Charles Wickersham, 21, survived the attack, but remains hospitalized with a severe wound on his left thigh.

"With sharks in the news, we thought it would be a good time to bring up the fact that sharks are not actually the most dangerous predators on the planet - we are," PETA spokeswoman Ashley Byrne told the News.

"Americans alone kill 12 billion fish for food every year."

PETA is still looking for an outdoor advertising company on the island that is willing to put up the hot-button billboard. The organization has casted a wider net throughout surrounding Manatee County.

"If I see one of those billboards that they plan on putting up, I will burn it down," shark angler Bill Goldschmitt told Florida's WWSB-TV, an ABC affiliate.

"We are glad that Mr. Wickersham will be okay," says Byrne. "We hope that after this painful and horrible experience he and other fishermen will consider the pain that fish feel and we hope they will consider taking up another pastime."