2011 September product recalls

2011 September product recalls
2011 September product recalls, Companies issued recalls on everything from cantaloupes to lawn tractors this month. Find out which other popular products were deemed defective in September. cantaloupe recall, lawn tractor recall, september 2011 recalls,
Food products

September 2011 food recalls, Jensen Farms recalled its Rocky Ford cantaloupe after it was linked to a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis. rocky ford cantaloupe recall,

Additional recalls:
All 16-ounce packages of Del Bueno's Queso Fresco Casero Fresh Cheese. Queso Fresco Casero Fresh Cheese listeria,

Strong America's 5.28-ounce packages of Huipu Chinese Wolfberry due to undeclared sulfites. huipu chinese wolfberry recall, +sulfite allergic reactions,

Sanith Ourn Farm recalled 390 pounds of fresh hot basil herb because it may be contaminated with salmonella. fresh hot basil herb recall, fresh hot basil herb recall flt date FLT DATE of 08/23/11 and 08/30/11,

Approximately 1,423 cases of frozen avocado pulp and 1,820 cases of avocado halves distributed in California in 2010. Fine Mexican Food Products, Inc, Fine Mexican Food Products avocado recall, Fine Mexican Food Products avocado recall product code, Fine Mexican avocado recall listeria,

SunRidge Farms All Natural Milk Chocolate Cranberries due to an undeclared ingredient. SunRidge Farms, SunRidge Farms All Natural Milk Chocolate Cranberries peanut recall,

Multiple lines of Chocolate Decadence chocolate products, because they may contain undeclared milk. chocolate decadence recall, milk allergy symptoms,

Approximately 1,535 units of individual 7.7-ounce containers of SoyNilla protein powder. What's the problem? SoyNilla recall undeclared milk,

BUI Natural Tofu Shrimp Salad Roll and Vegetarian Salad Rolls, due to undeclared soy and wheat. bui natural tofu recall upc,

sulfites, Best Food Cash & Carry's 14-ounce packages of Deer Raisin Golden raisins, because of an undeclared ingredient. Deer Raisin Golden new york new jersey connecticut,

Quaker Oats 8-count Chewy Smashbar Graham Pretzel snack bars, due to an undeclared allergen. Chewy Smashbar Graham Pretzel recall milk,
Children's gear
2011 September children's product recalls, Weehoo recalled about 2,700 of its iGo bicycle pedal trailers because of a faulty receiver. No injuries have been reported. Weehoo iGo bicycle pedal trailer recall,

Additional recalls:
Approximately 180 American Woodcrafters wood twin and loft bunk beds due to a possible fall hazard. american woodcrafters wood twin and loft bunk beds recall, american woodcrafters wood twin and loft bunk beds guard rails can crack, american woodcrafters wood twin and loft bunk beds recall no injuries reported,
Children's toys and clothing
September 2011 children's clothing and toy recalls, Pottery Barn Kids recalled about 81,000 Chloe, Sophie and Audrey soft dolls in the United States due to a possible strangulation hazard. pottery barn kids doll recall, pottery barn kids doll recall 1,300 in Canada, pottery barn kids doll recall child was not injured,

Additional recalls:
About 3,500 Twirlla wooden rattles, because a possible choking hazard. What could happen? twirlla wooden rattle recall parts can break,

Little Tikes has recalled about 1.7 million toy workshop and tool sets. Some parts pose a choking hazard. little tikes recall,
Pharmaceutical products
September 2011 pharmaceutical recalls, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recalled multiple lots of its oral contraceptives because of a packaging error. qualitest pharmaceuticals, Qualitest oral contraceptive recall list of affected lot, oral contraceptive packaging defects that could leave women without adequate contraception,

Additional recalls:
Slim Forte Slimming Capsules and Slimming Coffee and Meizitang Botanical Slimming 100% Natural Soft Gel have been recalled for containing a controlled substance. Meizitang Botanical Slimming , Sibutramine controlled substance,
Meat and seafood products
September 2011 meat recalls, Cargill Meat Solutions recalled approximately 185,000 pounds of ground turkey products due to possible salmonella contamination. Get the establishment number. cargill ground turkey recall, ground turkey recall P-963,

Additional recalls:
Approximately 11,000 pounds of chicken, beef, veal and pork dumpling products, due to an undeclared allergen. M & P Food Production ltd, M & P Food dumplings undeclared milk recall,

Close to 40,000 pounds of frozen ground beef produced by Palo Duro Meat was shipped to warehouses in Georgia before tests revealed a possible contamination. 40,000 frozen ground beef,

Tyson has recalled over 130,000 pounds of ground beef due to a possible e coli contamination. Get the package code. tyson ground beef recall, tyson beef code EST 245D,
Electrical items
September 2011 electrical recalls, Target stores recalled approximately 304,000 Chefmate six-speed blenders because of a possible laceration hazard.Chefmate 6-speed blender recall, Chefmate 6-speed blender recall seven lacerations,

Additional recalls:
About 98,000 Goldstar and Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers after nearly 30 fires causing more than $1 million in damage were reported. gold star comfort-aire dehumidifier 1 million property damage, goldstar comfort-aire dehumidifier recall No injuries have been reported,

About 10,000 LED night lights distributed as free promotional products due to a burn hazard. camsing LED night lights recall,
September 2011 vehicle recalls, John Deere recalled about 5,200 of its D100 series lawn tractors after reports of faulty brake assemblies surfaced. john deere d100 lawn tractor recall, john deere d100 lawn tractor brake failure,

Additional recalls:
About 36,500 John Deere X300, X300R and X304 series lawn tractors, due to overheating and fire hazards. John Deere X300, X300R and X304 tractor recall,

About 6,100 Kubota riding mowers, due to a faulty fuel hose clamp that may pose a fire hazard. kubota riding mower recall, kubota riding mower recall injuries none reported,

About 15,500 John Deere D100 series lawn tractors, due to a laceration hazard. john deere lawn tractor mower blade recall,

About 6,117 KTM North America off-road motorcycles, because of problems with the handlebar clamp. KTM North America off-road motorcycle recall, KTM North America off-road motorcycle consumer was hospitalized,

Approximately 190 2011 BMW 328i and 335i cars, due to faulty driveshaft bolts. 2011 bmw 335i and 328i recall,

About 205,233 model years 2007-2008 Hyundais, because of airbag problems. hyundai santa fe and veracruz recall, hyundai santa fe and veracruz airbag,

Approximately 10,631 model years 2007-2008 Kia Sorento SUVs. kia sorento airbag recall,

About 69,590 2011 Subarus, due to problems with the moon roof. subaru outback and legacy recall, subaru outback and legacy loose moonroof glass,

Approximately 30,294 Volkswagen Jettas, because of a potential burn hazard. 2011 volkswagen jetta tailpipe recall,

Approximately 195,080 model years 2010-2011 Subarus, due to faulty windshield wipers. subaru outback and legacy, subaru outback and legacy wiper recall,

Nearly 300,000 Subaru Imprezas and Foresters, because of suspension control arm problems. 2005 2006 SAAB 9-2X, subaru control arm recall,
Consumer products
September 2011 consumer product recalls, Target recalled Embark resistance cords and cord kits after reports of consumers being struck in the eye by the ball. Embark resistance cords and cord kits recall, 447,000 Embark resistance cords and cord kits, Embark resistance cords and cord kits permanent vision loss,

Additional recalls:
pourable gel fuel recall, Approximately 2 million units of pourable gel fuels by nine manufacturers after reports of flash fires. How many injuries were reported? pourable gel fuel recall 37 burn injuries and two fatalities,

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