Athletes turned musicians

Athletes turned musicians
Athletes turned musicians, Just because ball-playing days are over, doesn't mean the music stops. Many pro athletes have taken a swing at a music career, sometimes while they're still collecting big-league paychecks.

Whether it's singing, songwriting or playing guitar take a look and see which athletes have gotten in touch with their melodic sides.

1985 Chicago Bears
The 1985 Chicago Bears showed the world they had talent both on and off the field.
Their music: Besides winning the 1986 Super Bowl, the team also recorded "The Super Bowl Shuffle," a music video that made it to No. 41 on the Hot Billboard charts, went gold as a record and platinum as a video and received a Grammy nomination, making the Bears the first sports team to be nominated for a Grammy. Proceeds from the video were donated to charity.
Carlos Arroyo
Basketball isn't the only thing that gets Carlos Arroyo's blood pumping.
His music: The Puerto Rican point guard launched his own musical career in 2009, recording two singles. Though Arroyo has been more prolific on the court, he may have a career in music one day. +carlos arroyo stats, oculto secreto se va conmigo,
Bronson Arroyo
Bronson Arroyo is not just a former Red Sox pitcher, he is also a singer.
His music: His debut album included covers of many artists as well as the Red Sox victory song "Dirty Water" by the Standells, in which Arroyo is accompanied by his teammates, including Johnny Damon, Lenny DiNardo and Kevin Youkilis. His love for music is so deep he even taught a teammate to play guitar so they could perform a cover of "Tessie" by Dropkick Murphys.
Coco Crisp
Coco Crisp has never lived up to the hype that surrounded his breakfast-of-champions name. covelli loyce,
His music: Maybe that's why he tried his talents at rapping. The center fielder sounds pretty good, so if baseball doesn't work out, Coco can always rock the mic. coco crisp rap songs,
Oscar De La Hoya
World champion Oscar De La Hoya wanted to think outside the box, so he gave music a shot. oscar de la hoya music, oscar de la hoya stats,
His music: De La Hoya released his self-titled album in 2000. The album featured songs written in both English and Spanish. Guess it didn't work out as well as he hoped, since the boxer has yet to release a second album. oscar de la hoya stats,

Tim Flannery
The third-base coach of the world-champion San Francisco Giants has traveled with his guitar since his days as a San Diego Padres utility infielder.
His music: Flannery has performed onstage with the likes of Jackson Browne and Jimmy Buffett (he is pictured with the Grateful Dead). He books shows in the offseason and has made nine albums. His folk-inspired music has a large following in Ireland. tim flannery baseball,
Aubrey Huff
In 2005, Aubrey Huff was presented the chance to sing on a compilation CD of current and former MLB players.
His music: Huff soulfully sang a cover of John Michael Montgomery's "Letters From Home," proving that he's more than just a baseball superstar. If he hadn't played baseball, who knows where this guy might have ended up? John Michael Montgomery,
Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson never made it big as a musician - he never even released his first album.
His music: Due to controversy over his lyrics and pressure from activists and NBA commissioner David Stern, Iverson eventually chose not to release the album even after changing the lyrics. Good thing Iverson has basketball to fall back on. allen iverson nba comeback, allen iverson rap songs,
Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones Jr. has enjoyed a somewhat more prolific music career than other professional athletes.
His music: Jones delved into the music world in 2001 with the debut "Round One: The Album." Following the moderate success of his first album, Jones formed the musical group Body Head Bangerz and released a second album, "Body Head Bangerz: Volume One," featuring several popular rap artists. roy jones jr round one: the album, Body Head Bangerz, body head bangerz: volume one,

Chris Kluwe
Vikings punter Chris Kluwe so loved "Guitar Hero" that he eventually picked up the real thing.
His music: After discovering his talent at guitar, Kluwe sought out bandmates to form the group Tripping Icarus. The band released its debut EP, "The Sideshow Sessions," followed by a second album, a full-length LP titled "Perfect Citizen". Tripping Icarus, Tripping Icarus,
Guy Lafleur
In 1979 disco music was in high demand. So Guy Lafleur decided to capitalize on that market by coming out with his own self-help disco album.
His music: The result? Lafleur dictating hockey instructions on how to face off, shoot, skate, score, check and run a power play with disco tracks playing in the background. Staying true to his Canadian heritage, the he album also has made a French version. Guy Lafleur disco songs,
Bernie Williams
Puerto-Rican-born MLB outfielder Bernie Williams is also a legit musician.
His music: Bernie Williams the musician is classically trained in this instrument, and has composed and released two albums, "The Journey Within" in 2003 and "Moving Forward" in 2009, which earned the former New York Yankee a Latin Grammy nomination. Wayman Tisdale, bernie williams music, Bernie Williams The Journey Within, Bernie Williams Moving Forward, New York Yankee,
Jack McDowell
The former major league pitcher has played guitar in alt-rock bands since his baseball days. jack mcdowell stats, jack mcdowell stickfigure,
His music: He formed the band Stickfigure in 1992. Stickfigure has put out several albums and performs club shows regularly, jack mcdowell finger yankee stadium, jack mcdowell stickfigure,
Chris Webber
Former NBA star and member of Michigan's Fab Five Chris Webber has dabbled in the music industry as well. michigan fab five,
His music: He released his aptly titled rap album "2 Much Drama" in 1999 under the not-quite-an-alias C. Webb. Webber went on to produce tracks for an A-list East Coast rapper. 2 much drama chris webber, nas,
Mike Piazza
Former MLB catcher Mike Piazza's affection for heavy metal music is well known.
His music: He even provided death growls on the Black Label Society single "Stronger Than Death." Black Label Society Stronger Than Death, black label society,
Deion Sanders
Never one to leave in the spotlight, Deion Sanders had been a double-sport athlete, excelling in both football and baseball.
His music: Sanders released "Prime Time," a rap album on Bust It Records, owned by his buddy, a dance music king at the time. The best-known singles off the album were "Must Be the Money" and "Prime Time Keeps on Tickin'." Sanders also made an appearance in MC Hammer's "Too Legit to Quit" video. But he's not done yet. In August 2011 Sanders was featured in Snoop Dogg's new single "Fame" as part of Sanders' recent induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. deion sanders prime time album, MC Hammer too legit to quit, snoop dogg "fame" song, NFL Hall of Fame,
Kyle Turley
The always outspoken Kyle Turley channels his thoughts through music now.
His music: The former NFL lineman moved to Nashville, Tenn., and founded a record label. He put out his own album, "Anger Management," in 2010. Turley performs "power country," a unique blend of heavy metal, rock and country. Kyle Turley Anger Management, Kyle Turley Anger Management,
Omar Vizquel
Now in his 23rd major league season, Chicago White Sox shortstop Omar Vizquel also can carry a tune.
His music: In 2005, Vizquel sang on a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls song "Broadway" for the album "Oh Say Can You Sing?" to rave reviews. So Omar, if you ever do retire, you've got a second career. omar vizquel "oh say can you sing",
Alexi Lalas
Most players in Major League Soccer cannot boast that they opened for Hootie and the Blowfish on the band's 1998 European tour, but most players aren't Alexi Lalas. hootie and the blowfish,
His music: As a lead member of the rock band Gypsies, Lalas sang and played guitar. The band released two albums before Lalas went solo. Lalas has recorded four solo albums, the most recent a download-only album released in September 2010. alexi lalas music, alexi lalas gypsies,
Nick Swisher
Nick Swisher is an outfielder for the New York Yankees.
His music: He released the children's album "Believe" on Aug. 9, 2011, with all proceeds going to his charity, Swish's Wishes, benefiting children with health problems. The entire album consists of Swisher's covers of uplifting gems such as "Lean on Me," "I Won't Back Down," and "Believe." lean on me, nick swisher "believe", +swish's wishes,
Randy Savage
"Macho Man" Randy Savage was a main attraction in the wrestling world. His "Macho Man" character was one of the most dramatic at his prime.
His music: In 2003 pro wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage delved into the rap world, releasing the album "Be a Man". Tracks paid tribute to fellow wrestlers while dissing others, especially Hulk Hogan. Oh, yeah!. Randy Savage "be a man",
Golf Boys
In June 2011 the Golf Channel debuted the first video from the Golf Boys (Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson and Ben Crane ), "Oh Oh Oh."
Their music: The silly upbeat song is catchy, and Farmers Insurance has promised to donate $1,000 to charities for every 100,000 views of the video. Rock on, Golf Boys. don cherry music,
Ozzie Smith
When Ozzie Smith's son Nikko became an "American Idol" finalist in 2005 - watch video of his performances - we knew the talent came from somewhere.
His music: Later that year, the elder Smith and several other major leaguers recorded songs for the album "Oh Say Can You Sing?". Ozzie's rendition of the Sam Cooke classic "Cupid" is as smooth as his moves on the field. sam cooke "cupid", "oh say can you sing" major league baseball,
Mike Reid
Mike Reid's musical career is legit, unlike those of most other wannabe-musicians.
His music: Following his four-year stint in the 1970s with the Cincinnati Bengals as a Pro-Bowl- caliber offensive lineman, Reid the musician went on to pen several country hits, earning a Grammy Award and a 2005 induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid Messin' With My System, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame,
Wayman Tisdale
While Wayman Tisdale is known as one of NBA's greatest big men, the former Oklahoma standout had a first love: music.
His music: In fact, he retired after 12 seasons in the NBA to focus on his music career. Wayman Tisdale the musician, is a longtime smooth jazz bassist, released eight albums and was set to record a ninth before his death in 2009. Wayman Tisdale Reboundm, Wayman Tisdale Way Up!, Wayman Tisdale Face To Face (Us Version),
Shaquille O'Neal
Despite being named NBA Rookie of the Year in 1993, Shaquille O'Neal must have been looking for a back-up career.
His music: In October 1993, Shaq released "Shaq Diesel," his first of four studio albums. His single "(I Know I Got) Skillz" reached No. 35 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1993. We're glad he stuck with hoops. shaquille o'neal music,

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