More bodies found in Mexico

More bodies found in Mexico
More bodies found in Mexico. Eleven more bodies found in Mexico. Eleven more bodies have been discovered in the Mexican state of Veracruz after two trucks holding 35 bodies were found near a shopping mall in the municipality of Boca del Rio.

The eleven bodies were found in four different locations in Veracruz on Friday, the Mexican Notimex news agency reported, while the trucks were discovered on Tuesday.

Attorney General Marisela Morales said, "The state cannot, must not and never will allow these types of cowardly actions to go unpunished. The effects of this illicit activity are not only seen reflected in the poisoning of our society, but it is also the motor generating the violence." 32 bodies mexico, mexico 35 bodies, mexico 35 bodies Zeta Killers, The Zetas,

She described the trafficking and distribution of drugs as the "driving force" behind violence in Mexican cities.

Boca del Rio, located in the most popular area in Veracruz, has become a frequent site of conflicts between armed forces and drug gangs as drug-related violence grows in Mexico.

Drug violence has killed tens of thousands of people in Mexico over the past four years since President Felipe Calderon deployed security forces to the streets to fight the drug cartels.