Man Drove Miles With Dead Wife

Man Drove Miles With Dead Wife

Man, 71, drives 225 miles with his dead wife in the passenger seat

An elderly man drove for 225 miles with the body of his dead wife beside him in the passenger seat.

The Canadian couple were returning home early from a holiday in Oregon after the 75-year-old woman had begun experiencing health problems.

But she died during the journey close to the town of Pasco, Washington.

Her 71-year-old husband told police that he had carried on driving because he simply didn't know what to do.About 20 miles south of Canada he pulled over to call authorities to find out whether he could cross the border with her.

The motorists' emergency system OnStar put him in touch with dispatchers in Okanogan County who persuaded him to stop in the town of Tonasket.

Local Police Chief Robert Burks said: 'He wasn't sure what to do, so he kept driving.

'I believe that different permits have to get done to get a body across. I think that’s all they’re waiting for'

The woman was taken to the North Valley Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police said they are not treating her death as suspicious but taking a body across the border requires certain paperwork. Onstar Navigation system, Canadian man uncertain what to do, Canadian man 225 miles, dead wife passenger seat, man drove miles with dead wife,

The woman's body will remain in the U.S. until it can be legally transported across the border.

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