Howard Stern Kathie Lee Gifford feud marital problems

Howard Stern Kathie Lee Gifford feud marital problems, Howard Stern is outraged by what he considers Kathie Lee Gifford's recent exploitation of an autistic teen on the Today Show.

Stern played Today Show clips on Tuesday morning's Howard Stern Show that featured Gifford dragging two teenage boys out on to the sound stage for her latest "Everyone Has A Story" inspirational segment.

Gifford then explained to the audience that one of the boys was autistic and no one would ever sit with him at lunch until the other boy, a popular jock type, decided to grace him with his company. Gifford then said she had written a song inspired by their cafeteria drama and brought a Broadway star in to sing it.

The autistic teen wept openly during the performance, and when Gifford went to him expecting praise for her glorious songwriting abilities saying: "Did you like your song buddy?"

The child replied: "Well, it was a little too sad."

Stern fumed over Gifford's humiliating portrayal of the boy as a "pariah" and a "monster" instead of a kid just trying to fit in.

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