Where Do Race Horse Names Come From?

Where Do Race Horse Names Come From?, Horse racing has been around for centuries as the Horse was the main form of transportation. Many great Kings had huge stables of the finest Race Horses they could breed. Horse racing was even a part of the Greek Olympics and is still one of the most popular sports today. Over the centuries many Horses have stood out above the rest in the world of Horse racing. Race horse names are meant to be remembered and not forgotten names like Man O War, Seabisquit, and Secretariat are just a few that have reached legendary status in the world of Horse Racing. Check out more Race Horse Names below and get ideas for the name of your next Race horse.

With the huge popularity of Horse racing and the success of the Horses that have raced in past there have been many Champion Horses that have reached legendary status Here is a list of my Favorite Race Horses.


Secretariat began racing in 1972 and claimed 8 consecutive wins and was 1 of 2, 2 year olds to ever win Horse of the Year. Secretariat won the triple crown in 1973 and set a world record by winning the Belmont Stakes by 31 yards at a record time that still stands. Secretariat went on to Sire many offspring until his death in 1989 of a foot disease.


Seabiscuit at the age of 4 , set records in 4 Handicaps and won 3 others and was named Champion Male Handicap Horse of the year. In 1938 Seabisquit beat War Admiral in the Pimlico Special and was named the 1938 Horse of the Year.

John Henry

Named after the “steel-driver” folk hero because of the equine’s tendency as a youngster to tear down steel water and feed buckets off of stall walls and stomp them flat. John Henry became the only horse to win first place twice for both the Arlington Million and Santa Anita Handicap.John Henry was voted Horse of the decade for 1980′s and retired in 1985 as the world’s richest thoroughbred.
Race Horse Names To Make you Laugh
While most Race Horse Names have meaning behind them and are given for Stature and to be remembered there are some horse owners that have a sense of humor and gave their race horse some funny names here is a look at some of the most funny race horse names.
Harry Trotter
Seattle Slew
Da Hoss
Lame Jane
Funny Cide
Thunder Butt
Jockey Itch
Rambling Willie
Smarty Jones
Tom Fool
My Wife Knows Everything