Who Are The Richest Celebrities

Who Are The Richest Celebrities
Who Are The Richest Celebrities, Carlos Slim remains the world’s richest person for a second year with estimated assets of $69 billion, according to Forbes magazine’s annual global ranking of billionaires. He doesn’t have his own television show, fashion line or personal sneaker. He does have a stranglehold on Mexico’s telecommunications industry.

The are others not quite as rich as Slim, but they’re a whole lot more sexy and famous..Take a look at the list below:

Mark Zuckerberg – $17.5 Billion

Mark, 27, is the youngest,richest billionaire in the world. He’s the face behind Facebook, and the undisputed champ of social networking. Speaking of which, he was portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in the “The Social Network,” a fictionalized film of Facebook’s creation.
Facebook was a key spark in the spread and organization of the recent revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya. Back home President Obama praised Facebook as an example of American innovation in his January State of the Union Address. A month later Zuckerberg sat next to Obama at a dinner with other tech titans like Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Larry Ellison and John Doerr.

Oprah Winfrey – $2.7 Billion

Oprah is arguably the most powerful person in entertainment. She turns authors into instant celebs, down home chefs into chain restauranteurs and doctors into blockbuster gurus. She’s turned us into believers, and you know we’ve all tune in to her new Oprah Winfrey Network “OWN”.

Mikhail Prokhorov – $13.2 Billion

If this galavanting Russian bachelor industrialist isn’t quite a celebrity yet, he will be shortly. The 6’7″ 45-year-old bought a controlling stake in the NBA’s New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. He’s notoriously single — see his arrest on “pimping” charges in 2007, for which France recently apologized. Basically, he’s now the King of New York.

Donald Trump – $2.9 Billion

The Donald might be one of the most famous faces on this list. He’s certainly got the most famous head of hair. According to Forbes, Trump thinks his “brand alone is worth $5 billion.” It’s that kind of arro-cough confidence that has helped him accumulate one of the richest real estate holdings in the world.President Trump? The Donald says he is considering running for US President in 2012.

J.K. Rowling – $1 Billion

With the purchasing power of kids. And moms. And teens. OK, everybody loves ‘Harry Potter.’ The richest chick in Britain deserves every Galleon she’s put in the bank. Don’t expect to see Rowling on welfare again any time soon.

Steven Spielberg – $3 Billion

King of the big screen, even if Steven Seagal is the first celeb that pops up when typing “Steven S” into Google. Count his ticket stubs. Films directed by Spielberg haul in an average of $157 million at the box office. He’s so guffaw-ing at Kathryn Bigelow right now.

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