Stars Who Came Out

Stars Who Came Out, Raven Symone outed, With the recent outings of a former child star and a celeb chef and news that a punk rock star has come out as transgender, we look at just a few of the entertainers, politicians and athletes who’ve publicly come out of the closet. anne burrell outed, tom gabel against me transgender,
Lance Bass
The former boy-bander came out via newsstand announcement in 2006 and released a tell-all memoir the following year. Lance Bass + People magazine, Lance Bass + People magazine, lance bass reichen lehmkuhl, lance bass michael turchin, lance bass michael turchin, andy cohen kiss lance bass,
John Berry
This President Obama appointee earned a unique distinction within the LGBT community when he entered his government post in 2009. John Berry + Office of Personnel Management, United States Office of Personnel Management, John Berry + Curtis Yee, John Berry + Thomas Leishman + died of AIDS,
Mary Cheney
Cheney, the daughter of a former U.S. vice president, came out to her father at the age of 16, long before she joined him in the political spotlight. mary cheney dad was fine, mary cheney heather poe, mary cheney second child, mary cheney now its my turn,
Ellen DeGeneres
The award-winning comedienne came out on daytime TV in 1997 and then, again, as the lead character on her sitcom. ellen degeneres mark twain prize, ellen degeneres oprah winfrey 1997, portia de rossi, ellen degeneres jc penney spokesperson, ellen degeneres special envoy global aids, seacrest buys ellen home,
Barney Frank
Frank, a retiring congressman, came out in 1987, making him a Capitol Hill "first." first openly gay member congress barney frank, barney frank james ready, Barney Frank plans to marry partner,
Sara Gilbert
The former child actress and current talk show host came out at a 2010 press conference. sara gilbert out tv conference, sara gilbert allison adler, sara gilbert linda perry,
Neil Patrick Harris
Harris, a TV staple from the late ‘80s to now, came out to the press in 2006. Read his personal statement.. how i met your mother, Neil Patrick Harris comes out + People magazine, neil patrick harris I am a very content gay man, Neil Patrick Harris + 66th Annual Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris + Oprah's Next Chapter,
Sean Hayes
This film star — who rose to fame playing a flamboyantly gay sitcom character — didn’t actually “come out,” per se. sean hayes was never in the closet, Sean Hayes + David Phoenix, sean hayes honored human rights, Joe Biden + Will & Grace + gay marriage,
Billie Jean King
The former tennis champ was outed as the result of a scandalous 1981 lawsuit that made headlines while she was married to her then-husband. billie jean burnett affair palimony suit, Billie Jean King + Larry King, Billie Jean King + Marilyn Barnett, billie jean king medal of freedom,
Jonathan Knight
In 2011, the boy band member made his big announcement on the group’s website. New Kids on the Block, Tiffany outs Jonathan Knight, jonathan knight i outed myself, jonathan knight real estate developer,
Adam Lambert
Following his runner-up reality TV fame in 2009, Lambert made an official televised statement about his sexuality. Adam Lambert comes out + 20/20, Adam Lambert + Sauli Koskinen,
Don Lemon
Don Lemon boyfriend ben tinker, CNN news anchor Lemon came out in a 2011 newspaper interview and in the pages of his memoir. don lemon new york times, don lemon romney marriage,
Rachel Maddow
This MSNBC host set the record straight in an interview with her college newspaper. rachel maddow partner susan mikula, jane lynch rachel maddow,
Ricky Martin
The bon-bon-shaking pop star came out in an upbeat statement posted on his website. Ricky Martin + I'm a fortunate homosexual man, Ricky Martin + Carlos González Abella, ricky martin carlos gonzalez abella twins, Ricky Martin + People En Español’s ’50 Most Beautiful’, Ricky Martin + Evita + Broadway revival,
Jim McGreevey
In 2004, this former governor came out on the same day that he announced his resignation. Jim McGreevey + Golan Cipel, jim mcgreevey mark o'donnell, Jim McGreevey + Episcopal priesthood,
Cynthia Nixon
The actress best known for her role in a hypersexual HBO hit married her lesbian partner after a 15 year relationship with a man. Cynthia Nixon + Danny Mozes, nixon marinoni engaged, gene robinson officiate nixon, cynthia nixon lgbt backlash gay by choice, cynthia nixon tony nomination,
Rosie O’Donnell
The stand-up comedian and TV veteran came out in 2002, during a New York City charity event, and was married in San Francisco two years later. rosie o'donnell kelli carpenter, rosie o'donnell michelle rounds engaged, rosie o donnell r family vacations,
Suze Orman
In 2007, the financial guru informed the press that she was a lesbian. orman comes out nyt, suze orman kathy travis, suze orman still 55 year old virgin,
Jim Parsons
"The Big Bang Theory" star was outed as a gay man in an article about his role in a Broadway play. Parsons, who hasn't discussed his sexuality, is said to be in a 10-year relationship. big bang theory, jim parsons new york times, parsons return broadway harvey, jim parsons boyfriend todd spiewak, jim parsons win second emmy,
David Hyde Pierce
Pierce, who famously played an award-winning fuddy-duddy, came out in 2007 through a statement from his publicist. David Hyde Pierce + Brian Hargrove, david hyde pierce piano fest,
Zachary Quinto
Quinto, who has acted on stage and in both sci-fi and horror TV series, came out in a 2011 magazine interview. Which gay teen’s suicide led to his coming out?. Zachary Quinto + Angels in America, Zachary Quinto + comes out + New York magazine, Zachary Quinto + Jamey Rodemeyer, zachary quinto jonathan groff,
Sheryl Swoopes
Swoopes, the WNBA’s first player, told ESPN The Magazine in 2005 that she was a lesbian. sheryl swoopes alisa scott, Sheryl Swoopes + engaged to man + Chris Unclesho,
Wanda Sykes
The stand-up comedian, who was married to a man in the ‘90s, came out at a 2008 gay rights event and announced that she’d gotten re-married. wanda sykes married david hall, wanda sykes alex sykes, wanda sykes lined la gay lesbian center benefit, wanda sykes romney forrest gump,
George Takei
Takei, known to sci-fi fans around the world as Mr. Sulu, revealed his homosexuality in a 2005 issue of a Los Angeles magazine and married his long-time partner in 2008. takei comes out magazine, george takei partner brad altman, George Takei + first gay couple + The Newlywed Game, George Takei + Tennessee Don't Say Gay Bill, George Takei + Celebrity Apprentice,
Esera Tuaolo
Tuaolo, a former NFL defensive tackle, came out on a cable TV show in 2002, two years after retiring. esera tuaolo gay hbo real sports, Esera Tuaolo + Mitchell Wherley, esera tuaolo partner split 2007, Esera Tuaolo + Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation,
Rick Welts
Rick Welts + Golden State Warriors team president, Welts came out to the press in 2011, while he was the CEO of this NBA team. rick welts new york times gay, Rick Welts + Todd Gage, Rick Welts + Golden State Warriors team president,