50 Cent Business Ventures

50 Cent Business Ventures - 50 Cent appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight last night to discuss everything from his tough upbringing to his rise to fame.

Fiddy also talked about the fact that he never he never did drugs and doesn’t drink alcohol to this day, even though he began dealing drugs at age 12.

“I had an experience that made me paranoid so I try to stay away from it,” 50 recalled.

When discussing his rough childhood, Piers asked if he ever wanted to meet his father. 50 answered with brutal honesty.

“I have no desire to meet him, I mean he could help me not make the mistakes I made earlier on but I don’t think he would be a positive influence on me,” said 50.

The rest of their conversation was based on his thoughts on politics, being shot 9 times, and his anti-bullying book, Playground. The highlight of the interview was when Piers admit he listens to “In Da Club” every time he goes to the gym.