Kailyn Lowry Back Tattoo

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Back Tattoo - Most people who get tattoos have something they want to say.

And so did Kailyn Lowry as she sat for her last session under the needle, she has revealed.

Above a colourful landscape of trees, mountains and pink hibiscus now etched across her back reads the saccharine quote: 'To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world.'

The 20-year-old reality television star has taken to Twitter to show off her new ink.

'Session 7! We're getting close! #inked,' read a post on June 28 accompanying a photo of her back, now coloured with waterfalls and a lush tropical setting that features a feather hanging from a barren tree.

Apparently not many were fans of the artwork, which appeared in crude form (one would hope because it's yet to be finished) because the young mother-of-one followed up the post defending her permanent body art.

After a follower suggested she should have chosen a more talented artist, Kailyn snapped back: '@itsKMACb**** I don't think you know too much about tattoos then. My artist is award winning in the US.'

Kailyn did not elaborate on which credentials her tattoo artist had won.

But she put the issue to rest with a final tweet about her decision.

'Please, tell me more about how trashy my tattoos are & how ugly they will be when I'm 60. You don't HAVE to look at me. :) #movealongnow,' she wrote.

Kailyn, who describes herself as 'Mother & student. Advocate of teen pregnancy prevention. Living life backwards,' was catapulted to fame after she fell pregnant as a teen and was cast in the MTV show about young mothers.

Cameras have since followed her as she raises her now two-year-old son, Isaac.

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