Surprising Celebrity Connections

Surprising Celebrity Connections - With publicity surrounding famous families, BFF cliques and industry party schmoozing, it's easy to assume that all famous people know one another. The connection is not always so obvious. See which of these prominent figures crossed paths with the elite or future elite on their way to fame.
Jennifer Aniston
The connection: The actress' late godfather was best known for playing a tough bald New York City lieutenant and for his role in a 1970 comedic war film. telly savalas
Danny DeVito
The connection: According to his now famous former roommate, DeVito was seldom at home. He spent most of his time away wooing his famous future wife. michael douglas,
Bethenny Frankel
The connection: The former "Real Housewives of New York City" star used to baby-sit the famous nieces of two other "Real Housewives" stars. paris and nicky hilton,
Al Gore
The connection: The former U.S. vice president and his Academy Award-winning ollege roommate spent time shooting pool, watching a popular sci-fi series and participating in tin can shooting contests, in which Gore fared better. Tommy Lee Jones,
Hill Harper
The connection: The author and "CSI: NY" actor called his former Ivy League law school classmate-turned-politician a great guy with a witty sense of humor and decent basketball skills. president barack obama,
Dustin Hoffman
The connection: The actor admits that he and his equally famous actor friend and former roommate initially signed up for acting classes in 1955 to meet girls. robert duvall,
Anthony Kiedis
The connection: The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman revealed in his tell-all book that as a teenager a certain one-named pop singer and actress was his baby-sitter for one memorable night. cher, anthony kiedis talks about cher,
Brooke Shields
The connection: While a student at Princeton, the "Blue Lagoon" actress embarked on a new adventure by dating a future "Superman" star. dean cain,
Steven Spielberg
The connections: The award-winning director gave both of his goddaughters their big breaks with acting roles in a "Peter Pan" sequel and a film about a homesick extraterrestrial. gwyneth paltrow drew barrymore,
The connection: The former "Cosby Show" kid shared an apartment with a fellow Disney actress, though she claims to have spent more time with the actress' personal belongings than with the star herself. lindsay lohan,