Ali Khamenei Instagram Account

Ali Khamenei Instagram Account - Iran may have tried to ban the internet - but in something of a technological u-turn, the country's supreme leader has decided to embrace social networking sites.

The Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei first got to grips with Twitter and now he has decided to have a go at photo-sharing on Instagram.

Retro-style pictures of the veteran religious figurehead have appeared on his Twitter account apparently posted by him.

Of course, as supreme leader, the 73-year-old doesn't follow anyone on Twitter, but since joining Khamenei has given more than 2,800 updates and gained nearly 4,400 followers.

In the week since joining Instagram Khamenei has sent out four photos of himself on his Twitter handle @khamenei_ir.

They show Khamenei, who has led Iran since 1989, praying, standing around with officials and sitting over a Koran.

He is also shown with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who he has had a bitter power battle with for over a year.

The revelation comes three years after his regime shut down internet service after Iranians used Twitter and photo-sharing services to coordinate mass protests.

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