Famous Older Parents

Famous older parents, It’s blankets, bottles and burp cloths for comedian Steve Martin, who recently became a dad for the first time. He’s not the only celeb parent who has signed up for diaper duty well past middle age. Find out which other big names became parents past the age of 50.

Woody Allen
The legendary film director and his wife opened their home to two new members of the family — one from China and one from the U.S. — more than a decade ago. Woody Allen + 64 + adopted second daughter,

Warren Beatty
The “Bonnie & Clyde” Hollywood veteran and his award-winning actress wife already had three kids together by the time their youngest, Ella, came onto the scene in 2000. Warren Beatty + daughter Ella + born when he was 63, Warren Beatty + daughter + transgender,

Saul Bellow
This Pulitzer- and Nobel Prize-winning writer became a father for the fourth time just a few years before his 2005 death. Read his quote about wanting a girl after having three boys. Saul Bellow + age 84 + daughter Naomi Rose, Saul Bellow + married five times,

David Bowie
Bowie already had a grown son by the time he and his supermodel wife became parents to a little girl. David Bowie + age 53 + Alexandria Zahra Jones,

Gary Busey
This film star-turned-reality TV personality and his little-known actress girlfriend welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2009. Gary Busey + age 65 + son Luke,

Charlie Chaplin
Film icon “The Tramp” became a father many times over in his 88 years. He fathered most of his brood with his much younger protégé. Charlie Chaplin + age 73 + son Christopher, Charlie Chaplin museum + Corsier-sur-Vevey,

Eric Clapton
The guitar giant touched the music world with a musical tribute to the son he lost in 1991. He went on to have three daughters with his wife, Melia. Eric Clapton + Tears In Heaven + Conor, Eric Clapton + age 59 + Sophie Belle, Eric Clapton + stop touring at 70,

Kevin Costner
Costner — who’s set to play a hero’s dad — became a father for the seventh time in 2009. Here’s his entire brood. Kevin Costner + 55 + daughter Grace Avery, Draft Day + Kevin Costner,

Robert De Niro
In 2011, De Niro and his wife announced the arrival of daughter, Helen Grace, born via surrogate. Robert De Niro + daughter Helen Grace + age 68,