Teen Accidentally Kills Brother

Teen Accidentally Kills Brother, A Henry County teen accidentally shot and killed his teenaged brother over the weekend.

Detectives with the Henry County Police Department said the 14-year-old boy shot and killed his 15-year-old brother inside the family home early Saturday morning.

On Monday, a neighbor told CBS Atlanta News the boys' father always keeps his guns in a safe.

Investigators said the boys had a friend sleeping over and that the teens managed to get their hands on a gun.

"They are good boys," said the neighbor. "They were just boys being boys. The family is grieving right now. I feel terrible for them all."

CBS Atlanta News talked to gun safety expert Ray Peters, who said many times when children find and shoot weapons, it's because they're curious.

Peters is one of the managers at "Range, Guns and Safes" in Forest Park, where they stress gun safety training.

They teach rule No. 1 is to always assume a gun is loaded even if it looks empty.

"I would never ever even though you and I know this [gun in my hand] is not loaded, I would never point at you," said Peters.

Peters said when handling a gun, you should always keep the muzzle pointed away from others.

Peters added that keeping a gun locked away is the best way to keep kids safe.

But he stressed that parents should educate their kids about guns because just hiding the gun away will make them more curious.

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