85-Foot Trapeze Fall

85-Foot Trapeze Fall, A Kenyan trapeze artist who fell to the ground from a height of 85 feet while performing at the Moscow circus last month held a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

Twenty-three-year-old Karo Christopher Kazungu had been preparing for his flight for three years. On March 13 he was performing the complicated, risky act when he lost control, and fell to the ground.

The safety net, which is expected to prevent gymnasts from hitting the ground, ripped, creating a large hole through which Kazungu slipped through to the ground.

Kazungu suffered serious injuries, including a fractured vertebrae.

Fortunately, Kazungu was taken right to the hospital where he was operated on. He has since made good progress on his recovery.

Thursday's press conference took place in the same circus hall in which Kazungu originally fell a month ago.

Kazungu told reporters he had been "recovering and everything is ok." He also thanked doctors for their quick response in taking him to the hospital.

"Doctors hurried up to take me to the hospital and I thank that they saved my life," Kazungu said.

When asked about his plans for future, Kazungu said that he will work "like a normal artist," but he added that he didn't think he would fly again.