Gorilla photobombs kids at zoo

Gorilla photobombs kids at zoo, It was just a fun family outing when 6-year-old Ella O’Brien and her 4-year-old sister, Bridget (who look like distant cousins of the Weasley clan) decided to pose in front of the cage of Motaba, a western lowland silverback gorilla, at Werribee Open Range Zoo just outside Melbourne, Australia.

Presumably prompted by their parents, the pair wielded bananas in their pics, because apes like bananas and isn't it fun to taunt a caged wild animal? Well, Motaba was hungry and emphatically not having any of the O'Brien sisters' crap, and the result is the magnificent photobombs you see above. Bridget and Ella: Stop teasing enormous land mammals. Motaba, keep on keepin' on.