Boy 11 calls police over chores

Boy 11 calls police over chores

Boy 11 calls police over chores. Little kids have always tried to get out of doing their chores, but one boy went so far as to call the police on his mother for making him do his duties.

The boy, who had a five-minute conversation with an emergency services, told an operator over the telephone: "Hello. My mother is putting me into forced labour".

"What do you have to do?" the operator asked the boy. "I have to clean up the terrace. I've got to work the whole day," said the 11-year-old.

The boy's mother, who was standing next to the boy as he made the call, told police that her rebellious son had been threatening to call police for weeks.

"Just now, when he was told to pick up a few bits of paper lying round on the floor, he wanted to ring the police. Actually, he plays the whole day long. Whenever you ask him to tidy away his own mess, he reckons it's forced labour.

"So I thought, just let him try," the mother said.

The boy refused to come back to the call after it became clear his case had been defeated, and police believe the boy was going through a rebellious phase. An edited version of the call's transcript was released, and the case has now been closed.