Katie Price plans new album

Katie Price plans new album
Katie Price plans new album. Get your ear plugs in people... Katie Price hasn't given up on her singing career. Apparently still unable to learn from her mistakes (A Whole New World, Eurovision... need we say more?) the glamour model is planning a whole album of auto-tuned (we hope) songs.But after the crashing failure of her last musical offering, Katie's come up with a plan to bag a few more sales... it's all for charity. The 33-year-old tweeted: "I want to do another album for next year what would my fans prefer cover songs (of what) new songs or mixture? (sic)."

Well now, let's see... um... Britney Spears Toxic, maybe? She could go country with Dolly Parton's D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

Nah... it's gotta be Mysterious Girl, right? If anyone can murder Pete's number one hit, it's Katie.

One fan suggested Adele's Someone Like You, which is apparently Katie and Leo's "fav song".

Please. God. No.

Enough of our speculation... we're turning the decision over to you guys.

Source: aol