Tron Legacy Inspired Lightcycle Superbike Hit 120mph Costs 33k

Yours for £33,000: The real-life Tron Lightcycle superbike that can hit speeds of 120mph
If you have a spare £33,000 and are in the market for the ultimate boy's toy, then this might be the treat for you.
A motorbike painstakingly engineered to replicate the computer-generated bike in science fiction film Tron: Legacy is now on sale.
In the film, the bike was created using state-of-the-art CGI graphics and is controlled by computer programs and gamers.
The real version, created by Parker Brothers Choppers, is 8ft long, 23 inches wide and weighs 474lbs. It can also reach a cool 120mph.

Its hubless wheels are produced using former truck tyres that have been custom-shaped to fit and decorated with electro-luminescent strips.
A fibreglass cover encases a steel frame and, unusually, riders have to lie at a near-horizontal position just as in the film.
The bike is powered by a fuel-injected Suzuki 996cc, four-stroke engine and is spring-loaded at the front and back.
Every bike is custom-built and are available to buy online from Hammacher Schlemmer.
Spokesman Trish Hammond said: 'This bike has been fine-tuned so that every aspect of it is identical to the bike in the famous film.
'It is stunning to look at and you would certainly turn a few heads riding it down the street.'

Lightbikes appear in the original 1982 film as well as last year's sequel featuring Jeff Bridges, Tron: Legacy.
Operations manager Jeff Halverson, speaking earlier this year, said: 'It has a TL1000R motor that powers the chain driven friction drive system.
'It can go up to 120 miles per hour but we haven't taken it up to that speed yet. The hardest part of the build was trying to go from the CGI of the movie to a real-life situation. We pretty much started out just seeing if we could make.'
As well as looks, the bike also has some space age technology built in - including a port for an iPad that, when connected, will download ride stats from the on-board computer.

Source: dailymail