Best And Worst Celebrity Tippers

Best And Worst Celebrity Tippers, To celebrate Waiters and Waitresses Day, we’re dishing on which celebrity customers are the most generous and who has the least server love. National Waiters and Waitresses Day, tip guidelines + 15% to 20% of the tab,
David Beckham
Word on the street has it that when this iconic midfielder visited an L.A.-area pub with his teammates, he left a tip that made the waitress do a double take. David Beckham + $100 tab + added a zero to the total + $900 tip, David Beckham + $500 tip + Madeo, David Beckham + Kiss Cam,
The pop singer and award-winning journalist reportedly left a lasting impression at a posh New York City eatery in 2009. Beyonce + New York Association of Black Journalists, Beyonce + $500 tip + Nello’s, Beyonce + 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman,
David Cameron
The UK prime minister was painted as a miser after visiting a café while on vacation. David Cameron + no tip, David Cameron + had to carry his own cappuccino, David Cameron + returned to cafe to tip,
George Clooney
Back when he was dating an Italian model, Clooney was said to have capped off a romantic dinner by signing off on a big tip. George Clooney + $100 tip, George Clooney + $12 million fundraiser,
Johnny Depp
News of the “Dark Shadows” star’s generosity has spread far and wide, including an account from this Wisconsin establishment. Johnny Depp + $3,000 tip, Johnny Depp + $4,000 tip + Gibsons Steakhouse,
Zac Efron
The former Disney dreamboat made his mark on the San Diego nightlife scene. Zac Efron + $150 tip,
 Mick Jagger
The legendary rocker was reportedly pinching his pennies when he went out for a slice in our nation’s capital. Mick Jagger + $10 tip for a $90 bill,
 LeBron James
Back in his Cleveland days, “King James” caught flack for running up an $800 tab, then tipping the unthinkable. LeBron James + $10 tip, LeBron James + XO + tip misunderstanding,
 Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf reportedly polished off a romantic dinner in New York City and then showed off his sweet side. Shia LaBeouf + 50% tip,
 George Lucas
After the director and his family racked up a reported $185 bill at this decadent destination, he exited in style. George Lucas + $100 tip, Serendipity 3 $1000 sundae, George Lucas + movie studio + Marin County,
 Peyton Manning
The quarterback made headlines after visiting a North Carolina steakhouse and tipping well on top of an included gratuity. Peyton Manning + $200 tip, Peyton Manning + waiter fired,
 Barack Obama
During his first trip on the campaign trail, the president rubbed elbows with Average Joe’s but tipped like a big wig. Barack Obama + $18 tip + $2 beer, Barack Obama + Mayor Bloomberg + $10 tip + $17.34 check, Barack Obama + tipped more than 35%,
 Jeremy Piven
Back in ’07, rumor spread that the “Entourage” star gave the gift of himself as a tip upon leaving a famed Japanese chain. Jeremy Piven + Entourage DVD + tip,
 Donald Trump
A supper club in Santa Monica generated buzz with news that “The Donald” left a mammoth tip after dining. Donald Trump + $10,000 tip, Donald Trump + wasn’t in Los Angeles + Buffalo Club hoax,
 Jessica Simpson
The singer-turned-style maven was reportedly overflowing with kindness when she hit up an NYC locale, leaving big bucks and a personal note. Jessica Simpson + $300 tip, Jessica Simpson + Maxwell Drew Johnson, Jessica Simpson + $3 million deal with Weight Watchers,
 Brian Williams
Sources said this anchorman paid for an open bar during a post-softball game trip to a Manhattan haunt and even covered dinner for a nearby couple. Brian Williams + tipped more than 30 percent,
 Tiger Woods
Though what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, word has gotten out that when this golf pro is in that town, he’s a serial non-tipper. Tiger Woods + never carries cash, Tiger Woods + misses cut + Wells Fargo Championship, Tiger Woods + Orange County condo + $2.5 million,
Jerry Yang
During his reign as an Internet tycoon, the gossip about Yang was that he was a tightwad tipper. Jerry Yang + tips 10 percent or less, Scott Thompson + Yahoo CEO + padded resume,