Johnny Depp $3,000 Tip

Johnny Depp + $3,000 tip
Johnny Depp $3,000 Tip, Entertaining his Public Enemies director and costars at a Chicago restaurant June 19, Johnny Depp made news when he left a $4,000 tip on his $4,400 bill. But had it been Sean Hannity in that Windy City eatery, he would have left $4,400! When it comes to tipping, no one is as generous as the ultra-conservative host of The Sean Hannity Show on the Fox News Channel, has learned.

“It is true,” Hannity told “I washed dishes at 12, cooked, bussed tables, was a waiter and tended bars for years. My father worked in restaurant for years. I always tip 100 percent.” And sometimes a whole lot more. Hannity once left a $3,000 tip on a tab of considerably less than that amount. In these recessionary times – give the guy a hand!