Best paid jobs in Canada

Best Paid Jobs In Canada---Top Paid Jobs in Canada, Best Careers in Canada, Canada Job Search and Canada Jobs: The following occupations pay average salaries of over $100,000, making them Canada highest paying jobs:

Banking, credit and investment managers: Average employment income: $101,845

Engineering manager: Average annual income: $113,403

Lawyers: Average annual income: $123,632

Senior managers of trade, broadcasting and other services: Average annual income and training: $124,080

Dentists: Average annual income: $131,552

General practitioners and family physicians: Average annual income: $132,615

Senior managers of goods production, utilities, transportation and construction: Average annual income: $160,947

Senior managers of financial, communications and other business services: Average annual income: $162,376

Judges: Average annual income: $178,053

Specialist physicians: Average annual income: $179,514

Cardiac surgeon - $179,514
A cardiac surgeon operates on the heart and blood vessels. These operations could include bypass of arteries, replacement of heart valves, putting in pacemakers and even heart transplants. The stress of this job is obvious: you’ve often got a patient’s life in your hands. Not surprising the schooling necessary is intensive – six years of specialization after a four-year medical degree.

CFO of a professional sports club $113,578
Without a doubt being a senior executive of a professional sports club is more glamorous than many accountants jobs, but the basis of the job is the same: figure out how to balance the books. While certainly not controlling the biggest cost -- the players’ salaries – CFO would provide advice on the matter. On the revenue side, the CFO has input into pricing of tickets as well as any stadium revenue or other marketing ventures. The CFO would deal with the league about TV and merchandizing deals. Foreign exchange levels are also a large concern for most Canadian teams because the players are paid in U.S. dollars.